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What is Journaling?

Journaling is a practice of keeping a diary or book that explores thoughts & feelings surrounding the events in your life.


  • Evokes mindfulness

  • Achieving goals

  • "Emotional " Intelligence

  • Boosts memory & comprehension

  • Improves communication

  • Self-Healing

  • Self-Discipline

  • Reduces stress

What to write?

- Record daily events

- Future goals & immediate actions

- Capture Brilliant ideas


  • Bullet journal

  • Dream journal

  • Food journal

  • Travel journal

  • Prayer journal

  • Reading journal

Life-changing Habit of journaling?

Tim Ferriss once said - "I use it as a tool to clarify my thinking & goals, much as Kern Kelly does. The paper is like a photography darkroom for my mind".

Get used to the pen again!

How excited were we? when we first held our fountain pen in hand?

Wasn't it very fascinating to hold and write with them?

Fill inks in them... Nostalgic. Right?

Science says that "Reflective writing" helps to improve decision-making & critical thinking in a number of medical professionals.

As a part of your morning creative burst, use your journal to review & Horne your daily

to-do-list. Review & home your life vision and big-picture goals" - Benjamin Hardy.

Just sit & write!

Mind-map, goals, outline your vision, doodle, draw, sketch, gratitude list, write down everything you are curious about, passion projects, daily entry of needs to be done, reflect on your accomplishments.

After getting inspirations from YouTube videos and books, I tried buying a personalized journal for myself. But it's so damn costly and I couldn't afford one. Then I thought I'll buy an empty journal and start filling it. But that was again not so affordable. Finally, I have decided to create or design one for myself. After all, being creative since my childhood came in handy now. Yes! I have designed my own Journal aka Planner after having many kinds of research done where almost many segments of journals are combined to one. 

It has got

  • Yearly Calendar

  • List of Books to read

  • List of Movies/Series to watch

  • Goals - Relationships, Self-care, Talent, Education and Health

  • Travel Memories

  • Motivational Quotes

  • Weekly Journaling/Planner

  • Habit Tracker, Water Tracker, Mood Tracker

  • Coloring Pages and much more.

Tips to remember before starting with your journal:

- Start Small

- Keep reminders

- Bring or Take it everywhere

- Relax and start writing

According to Dr. James Pennebaker, an expert in the field of expressive writing, to get the best results from journaling, it was recommended that you:

  • Forget about grammar/spelling when you write.

  • Be honest and authentic (write like no one else is going to read it).

  • Write by hand for better memory recall.

  • Adopt cursive writing to get your thoughts out faster.

Journaling alone won’t boost your productivity. But when you combine action with reflection you’ll take better actions over time.

At the end of each day, look back at what You accomplished, what you learned, what you want to follow-up on tomorrow, and what you want to pursue tomorrow."

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