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The Perfect Amritsar Itinerary (Part - II)❤

How I met my God-sent family?

Once we got into the train, we were all trying to settle in our seats. I was helping people in arranging their luggage. That's when we started talking and introducing ourselves(Where are we heading to and all those basic conversations). People around me couldn't believe that am from Tamil Nadu as I speak good Hindi (Yeah..I learnt to speak in 6 Indian Languages only to communicate with the people around me). We were talking and talking and talking... till we fell asleep. The train was supposed to reach Amritsar by 9 am but reached very late. We took an auto rickshaw from the station and on our way, our driver arranged the room and taxi for us. Though it was not the best, we didn't have any choice left out. We reached the hotel around 1pm.

We didn't have enough time left before leaving and quickly we got refreshed (literally changed Then booked a cab to the Wagah Border & left around 2:30 pm.

It took us almost an hour and 15 mins for us and we reached there by 3:45 pm. Since, it was the Year-end Holidays season, there were a huge crowd of people. We had to rush so that we were able to get ourselves seated in a good location to witness the full ceremony. It was an open Auditorium and yes, we did get seats. But as and when the ceremony began, people started standing up in their own seats and we also ended up standing up every now and then.

The Retreat Ceremony

What happens in the ceremony? The Wagah - Attari Border Ceremony, more popularly known as Beating Retre